Yeah there is an app for that.   iPad users can now have a new free app for accessing books from the Sesame Street eBookstore.  The app is available at the apple store enables users to view titles of the books for free.  To read the books users must subscribe to the Sesame Street eBookstore.  The app also comes with added features that enhance viewing the book.

The Sesame Street eBookstore app allows users to connect seamlessly to Sesame Street’s eBookstore to preview content, view their unique bookshelf, and download all or select books directly to their iPad, making them accessible any time, any place without an Internet connection. eBook titles are offered in a variety of formats:

  • eBooks, which allow a child to read along at their own pace
  • Audio eBooks, which contain story narration, sound effects, and music
  • Animated eBooks, which bring beloved Sesame Street characters and stories to life in full-color animation.

Sesame Street eBooks on the iPad feature options such as page flip, which allows the user to turn pages with just a swipe of the finger or a tap on the screen; auto play, which automatically turns book pages and text highlighting, which visually reinforces the narration in audio eBooks and reinforces beginning reader skills.