Sesame Street has teamed-up with PNC to educate kids about money and finances.  Having a good grasp of personal finances is essential part of functioning in life.  We all don’t want to receive a huge shock after making a bad decision because of financial illiteracy.  Education on personal finances is something can carrying on and continues to develop as they become adults.  This will hopefully help them to make wise financial decisions that will not leave them in a sea of debt that they don’t know how to climb out of.   

A side benefit is that, hopefully, parents watching financial education videos will also benefit from the information and want to be more financially responsible as well. 

Several different Sesame Street videos teach finances to children at a level a level that is meant to be understandable for children 3-5 years-old. Muppets like Elmo and Cookie Monster are part of these helpful videos.   

“By expanding our efforts with Sesame, we can help young children better understand that everything has value and show parents how to turn everyday moments into financial learning experiences for their kids,” said James E. Rohr, PNC’s chairman and chief executive officer.