Elmo's World TourElmo’s World Tour, a live performance, begins touring throughout Australia this October. Elmo and Sesame Street are well known among Australian children and children throughout the world. The program airs throughout the world in different countries and in many different languages. Australia began airing Sesame Street in 1971 and has become part of the culture of since then. Little ones will get to watch some of their favorite Sesame Street characters come to life in Elmo’s World Tour. Elmo’s World Tour is an attractive show to young children and their families and it begins touring once again after taking a brief hiatus.

Audience members will go on an adventure around the world with Cookie Monster with Letter CElmo and some of his Sesame Street friends. While traveling to distant lands Elmo will also get to meet new friends. Like on the Sesame Street television show, the characters will run into some mishaps. Using their problem solving skills, they will all have to work together to solve each problem. We know that Abby Cadabby is a fairy in training, and like any other trainee, she runs into a few little glitches. Another problem occurs when Cookie Monster, who we all knows loves cookies, eats that letter “C”. After all we do know that “C” is for cookie and how could we expect his to resist. Along with the drama and story, you will get some singing and dancing that are a part of the many of the live Sesame Street performances.

Although the tours does not begin until October, those that are eager to reserve their seats, can begin purchasing tickets to the performance now (Ticket sales began June 12th). So far, there are 10 different locations that are scheduled for performances from October through November.