“Walk. Do not run. Walk, walk, walk,” chanted Grover as little feet stamped in the bleachers at Bangor Auditorium on Wednesday evening. “Walk. Do not run — across Sesame Street!”

The lovable Muppet sported the cap and diagonal belt of a police officer to show children what he wanted to be during the third performance of Sesame Street Live’s “Elmo Grows Up” show.

Thousands of children and their grownups turned out for the Bangor shows on Tuesday and Wednesday to see old friends from “Sesame Street” and to make a new one.

“I liked the girl that ‘appeared,'” said 5-year-old Lexis Perry of China. That would be Abby Cadabby.

“Abby Cadabby is a new character on the Street,” says Chris Urban, who travels with Sesame Street Live and brings Cookie Monster to life on tour. “She is being introduced, and she has little wings and little pigtails. She wants to grow up to be a fairy godmother, just like her mother.”

There are several different Sesame Street Live shows that performed in cities across the United States and in cities in out countries. Sesame Street Live has several different shows running. Current Sesame Street Live shows include: Elmo’s Green Thumb, When Elmo Grows Up, Elmo Makes Music, Elmo!Ready for Action.

Sources: BangorDailyNews.com