As part of the program’s curriculum for this season, Sesame Street will address the critical stages of development that help children get ready for school. Whether the focus is on learning about emotions; developing task persistence; learning how to take turns, share or how to follow directions; making new friends or learning how to interact in a social group; the series’ underlying goal is to engage and educate children of the challenges they may face as they enter school. Building on last season’s successful campaign to help children establish an early foundation of healthy habits, season 37 will also include new segments aimed at healthy eating, physical activity and hygiene.

In addition, Sesame Street will introduce a brand-new character, Abby Caddaby, the first new female Muppet to join the program in over 13 years. Abby, whose catchphrase is “that’s so magic,” is a pink “fairy-in-training” who uses rhyme and magic to express herself – a youngster who knows just enough about magic to get herself in a jam but not always enough to get out of trouble. Viewers will follow Abby as she meets everyone on Sesame Street, even grouchy Oscar, and come along as she goes to school for the first time with her new friend Baby Bear. At school, she meets her new teacher Mother Goose (performed by the legendary actress Shirley Jones) and a multitude of new students including Jack and Jill, Peter Piper, Hansel and Gretl, and Mary, whose little lamb seems to be the focus of a prank on the first day of school. When Abby realizes she doesn’t have anything to bring to show and tell, she asks her pal Elmo to help her out. Abby’s exuberance and love for learning and meeting new friends make this one of her most memorable days ever.

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