Over 30,000 visitors will be on the Whitehouse lawn for the annual Easter Egg Roll.    In attendance will be some popular children characters, including two from Sesame Street: Elmo, and Abby Cadabby.     Abby and Elmo are no strangers to Whitehouse events- especially those involving children.   Sesame Street cast members, both human and Muppet, has made appearances at previous Easter Egg rolls.   Elmo was with Sonia Manzano (Maria) to read with several of the children in attendance during a previous Easter Egg Roll.

This year’s Easter Egg Roll will be on Monday, April 9th.     Earlier this year the Whitehouse had a lottery system that distributed 30,000 tickets to interested people across the United States.   Those people will be broken down into groups of 6,000.   Each group will have 2 hours to enjoy the festivities on the Whitehouse south lawn.

Here is video of and Sonia Manzano reading the book Stretch