Sesame Street and United Healthcare are working together to let parents know more about asthma and lead poising. There are two different public health campaigns that will be in both English and Spanish so that it can reach the most amount of families.

“A is for Asthma” is aimed at teaching parents what things that the can do to avoid asthma triggers. There are several thing parents can do, including avoiding like fragrances, mold, and mildew that will help prevent asthma attacks in children.

“Lead Away” is a campaign that helps to education parents on another childhood concern, lead poisoning. Lead exposure can happen from many different sources, including old lead paint and toys that contain lead.

Along with the messages for parents there are videos that parents and children can view online. Elmo and Rosita are both part of these video messages that include many of the other friends from Sesame Street.

“A is for Asthma”

“Lead away”