Storms can be scary for adults, but something listed that can be extremely frightening for children.   Elmo was on a local New York radio stations to speak to the children about how scary the storm.   He wanted everyone to know that he was scared when Hurricane Sandy came on shore but it helped to talk to his parents about what he is feeling.

Sesame Street and their researches have worked to deal with the many emotions that children may be experiencing as they go  through different transitions and stressful situations in their lives.   Sesame Street dealt with the issue of natural disasters on Sesame Street and helping Big Bird cope with his fears after his house was blown away after a storm.

If you visit the official Sesame Street web site there is  a hurricane toolkit that parents can use as resource to help their children.   There official page for the toolkit is .   Even if the children was not directly affected by the most recent storm, seeing the news may have caused them to have questions or worries that need to talk about.    The toolkit includes video of the hurricane special on Sesame Street and links to other resources.