Carroll Spinney in 1978 on the set of The Muppet Movie

The internet creates opportunities and expedites projects that may have taken months or years longer to complete.   Through the use of the  of the website, funds have been reached to create a new documentary of Carol Spinney and his decades of work on Sesame Street as Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch.   Those behind the film, entitled “I am Big Bird” hoped to reach their $100,000 goal, but were fortunate to exceed it by $24,115.   A total of 1,976 people pledge the $124,115, which will be used from production and post production.  This is truly a documentary that has been made possible by the fans that is created for the fans.     According to information posted on, the documentary will give the audience a glimpse into his life as a puppeteer of both Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird for 43 years.   It will use some to Spinney’s own images and video footage that he has collected on the years.     Since 2009, “I am Big Bird” has been in development by Copper Pot Producations, but now official word on the release date of the film.  But Sesame Street fans are happy that a documentary of this Sesame Street legend is being made.