HIllary ClintonSesame Workshop and Ounce (The Ounce of Prevention Fund) are teaming in up to increase family engagement for early education.     The two will be collaborating with the National Head Start Association (NHSA)  to develop  programs that will get parents and caregivers more involved in the education of the young children in their lives.   Former United States Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton announced this new initiative as part of Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) 2014 in Denver, Colorado.

The new program rolls out in early 2015 and will feature 3   major components:  a mobile platform, a social network, and a toolkit.

The mobile platform will offer videos,as well as activities that include parenting tips and information.   The social network will allow parents to connect and share information.   Finally, the toolkit will offer additional tools to help with the engagement of parents.

Parents want to have their child achieve the best they can in life and beginning early sets the stage for future success.   Although this particular initiative does not begin until next year there is a wealth of resources available at  online websites, your local library, and community center to help parents provide the best start for their children.

Online Parenting Resources

PBS.org/Parents is a resource that has been around for several years.   Parents can find expert advice on many different topics.  PBS Parents also provides information on what topics are taught on the programs that are aired on PBS.

NIH(National Institute of Health) parenting page.  There are links to several resources for babies to teens.

You may also have some other parenting resources that you have found valuable over the years.  Feel free to comment below and leave suggestions on  resources that you think will be a benefit to other parents and care givers.