A British woman who originally agreed to be the surrogate mother for a  married couple backed out of the deal months before the birth of the child.   The surrogate mom used her own egg for the process and there was only a verbal agreement between her and  the couple.   A judge later said that the biological/surrogate mom did not have to give the child-up.  The surrogate mother told the UK’S The Daily Mail why she felt she could not give her baby away.   She goes into detail on why she felt that the married couple would be unfit to raise the child.  

Of course an issue as serious as this should include a written agreement.  But the fact that the judge ruled in favor of the surrogate may have a ripple effect in other cases.  Most cases of surrogacy does end well and this is particular is an exception to norm.      

The surrogate does say that she wants the husband, who is the biological father, to be a part of the child’s life.  This is a truly complicated situation that will hopefully be worked out amicably, for the child’s sake.