Taco Bell has discontinued serving kids meals.  In the press release issued from the company, it seemed that the kid’s menu was not making too much financial sense.    They said that they were going to concentrate their efforts in other areas- and that would make sense.   “Pioneering this change on our menu is a bold move for our industry, and it makes sense for Taco Bell,” said [Taco Bell CEO Greg] Creed. “We’ll be able to better focus on creating new and inventive items that our customers love.”

I have no experience with the kid’s meals at Taco Bell because I have never purchased any.    If I go to Taco Bell with the family, I would usually purchase the multiple family taco deals that have approximately 10 tacos in the pack (sorry I cannot remember the exact number).

Now when I want to eat tacos I make them at home.  Making tacos at home can be something fun and fast that the family can do together you can make them to your liking.  But when you are on the road it Taco Bell would be the easiest choice.  Now some food choices at the restaurant have to be made without including any kid’s menu items.