The PBS Special showed real families dealing with the real issues that the economic downturn has caused many American families to face. In each household there was a parent that lost a job and adjustments had to be made. One family had the added stress of having to leave their home, which was sold as a short-sale, and then move into a smaller manufactured home. There were tears shed and real emotions expressed during the special.

We did see how these families had become closer during the tough time that they are facing. Some had planted gardens together and were using the vegetables and herbs from their garden in their meals. It was a chance for them to bond and also to save a little on their groceries.

We also heard of how Elmo‘s mom lost his job and how he had to cope. At the end of the program we heard that Elmo’s mother found a new job. In a way that was to give hope to families, to let them know that the hard times will not last forever.