This Christmas season is a time for many different traditions to continue on throughout the family.   Many families celebrate the holidays and decorate the home in different ways.  One thing that some families have enjoyed doing is using a train set that becomes part of the holiday decorations.  I am not sure where that tradition came from, but it is a part of many different homes and enjoyed by children, as well as adults.   Some have a special table in the home for the train and its track to chug along.     In other homes families have the train chug along on a circular track that goes around the Christmas tree.    Your little Thomas and Friends fans will love to help set up the track and watch the trains as it makes it way along your own miniature railway.   Most Thomas and Friends fans love all trains, not only the trains form the Island of Sodor.   You can find many different trains for your holiday decorations that come along with houses and other buildings with a holiday winter theme.

As a child, our family would have a winter themed train that went on the coffee table.   Laid out around the track were scenes from a miniature town with a church, homes, and stores.   We would also place fake decorative snow around the tiny buildings.   Although it was very fun to watch the people and the trains, one of the things that I enjoyed most of all was setting up the trains the holiday scenery.   Those are some of my fondest memories of Christmas during my youth.