A new study has shown that women who are stressed out were more prone to have a baby girl. The study included having women who were trying to conceive journaling what going on in their lives. They also were measuring the cortisol and enzyme alpha-amylase which is an indicator of the adrenaline in the system. Cortisol is present more when there is long term stress in someone’s life and adrenaline is seen when there is short term stress. The women who had the highest level of cortisol were 75% more likely to have a baby girl.

Over the years there has been many different ideas pasted down from generation to generation on how to have a baby boy or baby girl. This study shows that it is not just a random occur of having a baby boy or girl. Although many parents do not care if they have a baby boy or a baby girl it is still important to reduce the stress because stress level scan negatively affect the chances of women getting pregnant. Stress can also have a negative affect the health of the pregnant woman.

Details of the article can be read at BrisbaineTimes.com