PregnantBellyIt is now recommended by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) that pregnant women should get the pertussis, which is commonly referred to as whooping cough, vaccine.  They say it is so that some of the antibodies will pass on to the baby through the placenta, while getting the mother immunized as well.   The vaccine is given to babies during a part of the regular immunization schedule, but they do not begin receiving the shot until they are 2 months-old.  It requires multiple booster shots for infants to become fully inoculated.    The DTaP vaccine includes the immunization for diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis, which is on the baby immunization schedule to be given at 2 months, 4 months,6 months, and 15 months.

These newer recommendations for pregnant moms may be surprising for women that are going through their first pregnancy or have not been pregnant in a few years.  Expectant moms should discuss this with this with their healthcare provider to see what fits their needs.   You can also talk to your baby’s future pediatrician to discuss the immunization schedule for your child.

For more information about the immunization schedule for kids, and adults you can visit the CDC’s website for a breakdown of what is recommended during different stages.