With Oprah retiring the end of this month it does seem that there will be a void in the talk show market.  No fears; Bert has stepped in to help fill that void.  Being on Sesame Street and speaking with so many guest has prepared him well. In one of his first interviews in “Conversations with Bert” Bert show off his talk show finesse.   Conversations with Bert: Andy Samberg Part 1 proves to be very entertaining.  

We learn many things in the interview.  For one, we find out what the real Andy Samberg likes to do in his free time and then what the imaginary Andy Samberg likes to do.  Apparently the real Andy Samberg likes to kick back with some tea and a good book when he has free time; similar to what Bert likes to do.   The imaginary Andy Samberg likes to fly with a jet pack.  Bert did provide input how he could be more eco-friendly by just using a cape instead.  

While many other talk shows may serve coffee to the guest.  Bert keeps things healthy by having a small carton of milk.  Milk is delicious and is good for the bones.  During the interview Bert and Andy Samberg took the time to have a milk break before continuing on with the show. 

Hear more thought provoking questions and answers from Bert and Andy Samberg in the video below.