A fundraising gala by K.I.D.S. (Kids in Distressed Situations, Inc.) and Fashion Delivers had a fundraising gala that raised 1.5 million dollars.

K.I.D.S. is a twenty-four year old charity of leading retailers, manufacturers, and licensors of children’s and youth products committed to helping improve the lives of children and their families who are ill, living in poverty, or are the victims of natural disasters. Fashion Delivers is a four year old nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide products from all parts of the fashion and related industries to victims of natural disasters and those in need. Fashion Delivers and K.I.D.S. work with a network of local agencies to distribute products quickly and directly to recipients. For more information about the K.I.D.S., visit http://www.kidsdonations.org/; more information about Fashion Delivers is online at http://www.fashiondelivers.org/.

In attendance at the gala were Abby Cadabby and Gary E. Knells.

Abby Cadabby, the energetic and enthusiastic fairy-in-training from Sesame Street, also provided some light hearted moments during the evening’s program. She surprised guests, adding some fun to Sesame Workshop President and CEO Gary E. Knell’s award acceptance.