Sesame Street and Sesame workshop are extending itself more and are now going to make a native Sesame Street in Norrthern Ireland.  The show is in the works and the people at Sesame Workshop are still in pre-production on this Northern Ireleand version of Sesame Street.   Elmo, Grover, Cookie Monster, and two new Northern Ireland puppets will be on the show.  The show will be an educational resource for children 3-6 years olds; just like it was orignially intended to be in the United states.   The Northern Ireland of Sesame Street is projecred to begin airing at the end of 2007.  

 According to the Sesame Workshop web site, Sesame Street is aired in over 120 countries, and it also has helped develop at least 20 versions of the original Sesame Street program to be aired in different countries and different langauges across the world.