Sesame Street characters have been a part of parades across the country for years.  Once again these characters will be a part of Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade.    Parade watchers will see some large Elmo and Big Bird balloons.  This parade, like many others will feature many different floats, bands, and large balloons.      Although it is not as famous as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade held in New York City, the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade is the oldest Thanksgiving Day parade in the country.     Like the Macy’s Parade, Sesame Street will not be the only children show featuring characters.  There will be a couple floats and balloons that will include some popular Disney characters.    Although the parade is on Thanksgiving Day, it will  also celebrate the upcoming Christmas holiday with some special appearances from Santa and his elves.    Those that live in the area can watch the parade on their local ABC television station.