Sesame Street Sing n’ Giggle Tool Bench

  • Kid’s will be able to use a Cookie Monster Drill Press and a Bert and Ernie circular saw to complete all kids of fun imaginary projects
  • Elmo will be looking on and encouraging children to have fun while using a hammer or screw driver to fix all kinds of things
  • Elmo will also hold several of the tools so that they don’t get lost
  • Sesame Street toys for preschoolers
  • Age Range 18 Months to 4 Years

Busy toddlers who need to “do it myself” can join the ranks of DIYers with this kid-size tool bench. With a hammer, circular saw, drill, wrench, gears, boards, screws, and screwdriver, the sturdy plastic bench has everything needed to build impressive (imaginary) projects. Elmo oversees the work, holding several of the tools himself, while Cookie Monster, Bert, and Ernie take charge of drilling and sawing. Push down on the saw or tighten some screws and hear the appropriate buzzing and “skreeking” sounds. Beware of the corny jokes (“Hey Ernie, I saw that! Get it? Heh heh heh heh.”) and goofy songs (“I’ve been working on the tool bench”). There is no volume control, and the sound is very loud, but veteran parents know all about the magic of a little well-placed packing tape over speakers. Do-it-yourself parents who would prefer that their children not handle real power drills and circular saws will truly appreciate this tool bench…and will probably spend more time than they care to admit playing with it themselves. The tools are similar enough to the real thing that little builders will probably learn a thing or two, too! Assembly is quick and intuitive. Requires three “AA” batteries (batteries included are for demonstration purposes only).–Emilie Coulter

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