DollarOne thing that parents shopping at the local Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, or the dollar section of Target, will notice is the amount of Sesame Street children items that they can purchase for $1.    These items are of pretty good quality and are worth every cent, if not more.   The selection will vary from store to store and from one location another.

Over the years I have been able to get preschool workbooks, coloring books, handwriting books, puzzles, balls, and even party decorations with a Sesame Street theme for just one dollar.   I have no idea how they are actually able to offer these items at such low prices, but they do and it is great.  It does go to show that you can still get a great deal at your local store.  Even though there are some great buys here and there you won’t see everything for a dollar.  But for smaller items the locations listed above are a great place to look.