Sesame Street has been providing educational instruction to  preschoolers through their programs that air in United States and several countries throughout the world.  Now the Sesame Street brand will venture into actually creating preschools.   According to a Wall Street Journal India article, Sesame Street will be part of a franchise operation of preschools that will open throughout India.   The preschools will be built around the ideas of Sesame Street and money earned will go toward funding India’s version of Sesame Street.

For India, their version of Sesame Street, Galli Galli Sim Sim, has  been airing since 2006 and has become a part of many of the lives of children throughout the country.  Not only does the show air on 3 different stations in the country, but there are also traveling presentations that provide educational information to those that may not be able to watch the program at home.

Just recently several different several different Sesame Street apps were released to the market in India.   Sesame Street has included many different educational opportunities for children in India with its programs, and now these preschools are another way Sesame Street will try to offer more educational opportunities to children and their families.